Current Models

Below are our Touring range, click on images below to explore more info and images. Touring S under 5 metres in lenght but with a big interior this van has been our biggest award winning van since 2007. Touring M at 5.4 metres this van has a unique layout perfected by ourself large bathroom with single beds or double bed our best selling van in the range offering great value for money. Touring L at 6 metres this is our biggest in the range it has a feeling of luxury at an affordable price huge spec and huge appeal. Touring cub the baby of the range 4.4 metres makes a great everyday vehicle with the capability for those long weekends and holidays.

Tourer S
  Tourer M
Touring S - £44,000 , 2018 show van for sale
  Touring M - £46,000
Tourer L   Nissan Cub
Touring L - £51,000   Nissan Cub  £28,750